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50 General Business Quiz questions and answers are below, Credits for the general business quiz questions research – Prateek

General Business Quiz

1. Signature Systems Group is an events services company specializing in modular flooring and roadway systems. They are considered one of the best in the business, having many high-profile clients.
How have they been coming into the limelight on a yearly basis since 2008?

Ans. Oscar Red Carpet flooring

2. There are 18 X experts who have been appointed in China by the American company Y to understand how to diminish bad odors and keep them from coming into a car. Known as ‘golden Ys’ the seats and other materials go through a strict routine where these smell testers go through a rigorous process which also includes blind X tests before getting selected for the job.

Ans. X- Smell, Y- Ford

3. The names of both these food items literally translate to ‘little cake’ or ‘little pie’, albeit in two different European languages.
Identify food items.
Ans. Tortellini and Tortilla

4. Murray Pletz, an industrial design student, took the help of his then-girlfriend (and later wife) Jan Lewis and entered a design contest. She helped him with sewing and their prototype won the contest.
After this, Pletz convinced his cousin Skip Yowell to join them, and they started a company. Which company?

Ans. Jansport

5. Contrary to popular beliefs, the McDonald brothers, founders of McDonald’s, had 14 franchisee outlets before they cashed out to Ray Kroc. Kroc offered them a handsome deal, which they took. The question is, in spite of the high popularity, why could they only setup 14 franchises?
Ans. Fear of flying

6. This is an online slang that means ‘To lure a stranger into an online relationship by pretending to be someone or something you’re not’. It comes from this 2010 documentary.
Which online slang, which had also become a TV show?
Ans. Catfish

7. Murray Tregonning and Associates is an audio-visual equipment manufacturer based in Australia which majorly deals in equipment typically focused on Broadcast, Television, Film, Theatre, and Audio-Visual production.
However, one of its products used in a different field has found increasing significance in the meme- culture over the past few years.

Which ‘equipment’?

Ans. Stump-mic

8. Elias Howe Sr. was an American inventor in the 19th century who is more famously known as the inventor of the modern sewing machine. However, he did receive the patent for something known as an ‘Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure’ which he did not market as much as he should have, keeping him from the recognition he would have otherwise received. What was that the original patent for?

Ans. Zipper

9. Also known as X rock or Nerd rock, this genre emerged from various styles of hardcore punk, post-hardcore, melodic metalcore, and heavy metal, along with influences from other music genres. X rock fuses aggressive styles of modern rock with video game music. The music uses electric guitars, drum kits, and typical rock instrumentation along with synthesizers, chiptunes, 8-bit sounds, and electronically produced bits

Ans. Nintendo rock/ Nintendocore

10. The name X is a variation of the snack’s original name Y, derived from Russia’s Grand Duchess Y, who married the Duke of Edinburg. The wedding was the inspiration behind the snack’s birth when an English bakery made a sweet version of the snack stamped with the Duchess name, Y. The snack became very popular all throughout Europe, specifically in Spain where it became the country’s symbol of economic recovery after the Civil War.

X and Y sound similar but have different spellings.

Ans. X- Marie, Y- Maria

11. Jack Crane’s uncle bought him a small business called ‘The Petros Cycle Company’. In 1906, Jack was declared bankrupt. His sons, Harry and Ted(Edward) later started a cycle assembly business and Ted chose a trading name to represent strength and durability. The official year of incorporation was 1911. Identify this Birmingham based company, later sold off to Tube Investments.

Ans. Hercules Cycles

12. X virus is the name of a boot sector computer virus created in 1987. A computer infected with the original version had a one in eight probability that the screen would declare: “Your PC is now X!”, a phrase found in infected boot sectors of infected floppy disks and master boot records of infected hard disks, along with the phrase “Legalise Y”. Later variants produced a range of other messages.

Ans. X- Stoned

13. King of the Jungle is a dark-comedy movie to be released in the future. It stars Johnny Depp portraying X on the screen.
Based on the Wired article “X’s Last Stand,” the film tells the true story of X who cashed-in his fortune, left civilization, and moved to the jungle in Belize. There, he set-up a “Colonel Kurtz-like compound of guns, sex, and madness,” according to a statement.

Which tech magnate are we talking about here?

Ans. John McAfee

14. The X traces its origin to bladders outlined as early as 1941. Early X systems were large and bulky, primarily using tanks of compressed or heated air, compressed nitrogen gas (N2), freon, or carbon dioxide (CO2). One particular system used gun-powder to heat up freon gas, producing phosgene gas (COCl2)—an extremely poisonous gas.

However, a safer gas variant is used in the product these days. What ‘safety feature’ are we talking about here?
Ans. Airbags

15. One of the more famous movies in the James Bond franchise, Die Another Day, set a record for product placement in cinema with 24 tie-ins worth $120 million. Of these brands, there were four vehicles and five drinks companies.

What nickname did the movie gain as a result of this feat?
Ans. Buy Another Day

16. Benjamin Franklin was wrongly credited for an invention when he brought about the need for the invention in a satirical essay which he wrote when he was woken up at 6 in the morning, much to his annoyance. In the essay, he calculated that Parisians, simply by waking up at dawn, could save the modern-day equivalent of $200 million through “the economy of using sunshine instead of candles.”

What invention is this?

Ans. Daylight Savings

17. While the true origins of the dish remain unclear, it is famous as a part of the Levantine cuisine, which was popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.
It originally gained popularity during the spread of the Turkish-Ottoman Empire. The word, X, is said to have originated from the Turkish word ‘cevirme’ which describes the turning process of cooking meat.

What culinary delight?

Ans. Shawarma

18. The word X is said to have originated from the British slang Y, which stood for ‘swindler or cheater’
It came into popular use in the US ‘drug culture’ after an FBI sting operation aimed at government officials became public.
What word has been doing the rounds for the past few years?
Ans. Scam

19. Merle Robbins was a Cincinnati barber who mainly operated in the 2nd half of the 20th Century. One day, he supposedly got into an argument with his son over a game that he used to play with his family.
What did this disagreement lead him to invent, something which is known to break friendships?

Ans. Uno

20. In November 2019, Dilip Mandal of The Print wrote an article about how he decided to dump a certain feature, claiming that he was the first Indian to do so.
He labeled this feature as “unequal, unethical and arbitrary in nature”, also going to the extent of claiming that it created an Apartheid in conversations. After this article, there were a lot of people claiming that it created caste bigotry and suppressed minorities like Dalits.

What feature am I talking about, considered by many as a badge of honor?

Ans. Twitter Blue Tick

21. Which financial institution was established in 1929 as the Rotterdamsch Beleggings Consortium by prominent Rotterdam businessmen? In 2001, this became a full subsidiary of Rabobank. They are present in India via a joint venture with Canara Bank. Which company?
Ans. Robeco

22. The fight of the Toronto printers for the “Nine-Hour Movement” led to an annual celebration. In 1882 American labor leader Peter J. McGuire witnessed one of these festivals in Toronto. Inspired, he returned to New York and organized something the same year. What?
Ans. The first American Labour Day

23. Johnson & Johnson had been using X since 1887 on products such as sterile gauze, dressings, and cotton, sterile catgut sutures, adhesive plasters, first aid products, etc. An organization started by Clara Barton in the 1880s came under the ambit of the Geneva Convention in 1900 which gave her organization exclusivity to X. A 1905 criminal statute allowed companies already using X to continue using it. What’s the X that’s being discussed?

Ans. Red Cross

24. X boxes are a form of online advertising that uses a grid of thumbnails and captions to drive traffic to other sites and webpages. It is used to bait the users into clicking on it.
The word X is used to refer to bait consisting of fish parts, bone, and blood, which attract fish, particularly sharks owing to their keen sense of smell.

Which word?

Ans. Chumboxes

25. In the movie Raging Bull, there was a lot of fighting, and subsequently, a lot of blood. For such scenes, there usually is a lot of fake blood available.
But as this movie was being shot in black and white, normal fake blood did not look good on film. Therefore, they had to use an iconic product from a multinational brand as a replacement, as it was darker and thus looked better on film.

Which product and which brand am I looking for here?

Ans. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

26. When the original mp3 devices were made, they wanted it to be modeled after something existing in the real life.
Whatever they were modeled after needed to fit into the pockets properly, and be something whose size was familiar to the majority of a population, preferably being something that they use on a regular basis.

Therefore, what did they model their mp3 player after?


Ans. Cigarette Boxes

27. Although we may not know it yet, there was the first version of this product as well.
The first version of the consumable item was released in 1981, but it had one drawback: it could only be stored inside a refrigerator owing to its original butter content.
However, they managed to release a shelf-stable second version of the same product three years later, with which we all are familiar today.
Which consumable product am I talking about here?
Ans. Act II popcorn

28. This typeface was created by the design company Uno, in response to a certain solo event which took place in 2018.
Tal Shub, who designed the typeface, when asked about the reason behind the font, said that he was inspired by the bold design and clarity of the message. In fact, to create the typeface, they had to google up images of the person’s “writing”.

Who is the original inspiration behind this font?


Ans. Greta Thunberg (font is Greta Grotesk)

29. “X neck” is a persistent pain in the neck and upper shoulders caused by slouching or bending into extreme positions while using a particular kind of device.
It is usually associated with sitting without back support, such as on a bench or on the ground, or slumping over the device while it rests in the user’s lap. It is more prevalent among young adults and women.

Give me X.

Ans. iPad neck

30. While this company has had many logos in the past, the most famous one being the dot-matrix logo, it has retained aspects of the dots in the future logos as well. However, now the logo is a roundel, made to resemble the shape of an abstract globe so as to show the worldwide nature of the business of the company.

Which huge company, established in the UK by a German-born, am I talking about here? Ans. Reuters

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31. Many have claimed to be the founder of this iconic fashion statement X, ranging from Andre Couregges to John Bates. However, the most reputed one of those claims seems to be that of Mary Quant, a major fashion designer in the UK during the mid-20th century.
Apparently, she named it after her favorite car Y, claiming that both of them were “optimistic, exuberant, young, flirty, and complemented each other”.

ID X and Y.
Ans. X – Mini Skirt, Y – Mini Cooper

32. Earlier, gifts were usually given after concealing them in tissue paper, usually in red, white, or green.
However, one day when a particular family of brothers ran out of tissue paper for concealing gifts, they decided to improvise on that. Rollie X decided to use the French paper that he had got for lining envelopes instead.

Which family did the brothers belong to and what was invented thus, which has blossomed into a $3.2 billion industry today?
Ans. Hall Brothers, Wrapping paper

33. X is the voting system of a popular social media site. While it doesn’t have any intrinsic value, having a high X across various posts does make you appear a little more trustworthy. People often refer to it as “Imaginary Internet Points”.
The word X originated in Sanskrit with the meaning of action, word, or deed.

What is X?
Ans. Karma (Reddit’s voting system)

General Business Quiz

34. The fast-food business was supposedly started in 1921 when the iconic chain X started operating.
X was founded in Wichita by Walter Anderson, who was running fast-food chains from 1916. X specializes in a particular type of fast food, which is sometimes referred to as sliders. Their product was called the most influential in its category of all time, by Time magazine in 2014.
Which chain did Walter Anderson start, which might be known to us through a 2004 venture?
Ans. White Castle

35. When the first outlet of X opened in 2006 in Mumbai, Prosenjit Roy Choudhury was one of the main driving forces behind it. He started it when he was upset when people complained that his “delicacies” weren’t being well-received by his customers.
Ever since, X has gone from strength to strength, experiencing massive growth across multiple cities in India.

However, Choudhury has now gone on to head Y, a supposedly rival chain in exactly the same market.
ID the chains X and Y.
Ans. X- Barbeque Nation, Y- Absolute Barbeques

36. X is the world’s largest toilet manufacturer. The name “X” is an abbreviation of the two Japanese words forming its full name, which means Oriental Ceramics.
X is also an American band formed in 1977 which deals with a musical style that combines elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, R&B, blues, and jazz. They rose to fame through their hit song in 1981.


Ans. Toto

37. John Knoll is an American visual effects supervisor and chief creative officer (CCO) at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). He has worked as visual effects supervisor on the Star Wars prequels and the 1997 special editions of the original trilogy.
What ubiquitous software(to a certain group of people) did he invent along with his brother, which found its first application on a beach in Bora Bora?

Ans. Adobe Photoshop

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38. The X curse refers to the fact that no first-time snooker world champion has retained the title the following year since the tournament moved to the X Theatre, Sheffield in 1977.
Among other meanings, X also means a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

ID the curse.
Ans. Crucible curse

39. LaMarcus Adna Thompson was inspired by the idea of a Mauch Chunk gravity railroad built by a mining company in Summit Hill, Pennsylvania in 1827. Initially called the “Switchback Railway,” and “gravity pleasure ride”, what entertainment ‘device’ did he invent?
Ans. Roller Coaster

40. In internet jargon, this term refers to posting a reply for a thread in a forum, just to raise the thread’s profile. Doing this act brings the thread to the top of the list of active threads. This verb means ‘To cause to knock against an obstacle’ in normal usage. What’s the term?
Ans. Bump

41. Vanu, Inc. provides innovative wireless infrastructure solutions to enable operators to access new markets and new revenue streams. The company grew out of groundbreaking research in software radio at MIT and was founded in 1998 by Vanu. He is the son of an Indian-American professor turned entrepreneur. Who?

Ans. Amar Bose

General Business Quiz

42. This word originated as a U.S. Navy and Marine Corps slang around 1942. On the word, Leatherneck magazine explained, “When you need a word for something in a hurry and can’t think of one, it’s a ___.” And Yank that month agreed: “Leathernecks…even have a name for a whatsis. They call it a ‘___.” Which term is being talked about here?
Ans. Gizmo

43. Xwood is a theme park jointly owned by entertainer X and Herschend Family Entertainment. Hosting nearly 3 million guests in a typical season – mid-March to the Christmas holidays – Xwood is the biggest ticketed tourist attraction in Tennessee.
Who is X, one of the biggest names in her entertainment genre back in today, also returning to public consciousness recently?
Ans. Dolly Parton

44. One of the oldest written records regarding the sqrt(2) aspect ratio for X sizes is a letter that the Physics professor Georg Christoph Lichtenberg wrote 1786-10-25 to Johann Beckmann. After introducing the meter measurement, the French government published on 1798-11-03 the “Loi sur le timbre” (no. 2136), a law on the taxation of X that defined several formats that already correspond exactly to the modern ISO X sizes. What is being discussed here?
Ans. ISO Paper sizes (A1,A2,B1,B2,etc.)

45. Kundan Lal Gujral was born in the early 1900s in undivided Punjab. After his father’s death, he moved to Peshawar and popularized a form of cooking. Post partition he moved to Delhi and started a business in Daryaganj.
What did he popularise and name his business?
Ans. Tandoori cooking, MotiMahal restaurant

46. Dabur used to produce a churan, Kshudhavardhak Bati-literally appetiser-and marketed it under its textual name. In 1984, a consensus emerged in the company that the name was a tongue-twister, and so it was rebranded as X. What?
Ans. Hajmola

47. ID the protagonist of this Marvel Comic


Ans. Kool-Aid Man (only mascot to get a marvel comic named after it)

48. Red Apple cigarettes is a brand that appears in the X universe, featuring in many iconic movies, the most prominent of which should be the one in 1994. According to the latest movie of the franchise, this was founded back in 1862.
Which “universe” am I talking about here?

Ans. Quentin Tarantino’s universe

49. As Marlboro was marketing itself to men as a symbol of masculinity, this brand of cigarettes marketed itself to women as a method of getting thinner. However, the name of the brand is also said the signify the presence of marijuana in some cigarette packets.
Owned by the British American Tobacco group, which brand am I talking about?

Ans. Lucky Strike (you got to be Lucky to have marijuana in your cigarette)

50. There are a lot of categories that consumers are divided into by marketers so as to make better targeting products. One such category is that of “Lohas” consumers. Expand Lohas.
Ans. Lohas stands for customers who live “lifestyles of health and sustainability”

Hope you enjoyed the General Business Quiz and please share your valuable feedback in the comments below. Thank you for reading the General Business Quiz.

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