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Here are 50 International affairs quiz questions and answers that include trivia, funda, current affairs, facts, and interesting quizzes on international affairs. Hope you will enjoy the international affairs quiz.

International Affairs Quiz | IA Quiz | International Affairs Current Affairs Quiz

1. Speak Mandarin Campaign, started in 1979 is credited towards suppressing the majority of languages spoken here such as Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew, and Hainanese despite Mandarin being a completely alien language to a majority of the population. Which “great tidier” ran this campaign, and where?

Ans: Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore

international-affairs-quiz international affairs quiz

2. Chaguan is the name of the column used in this periodical which aims to cover matters related to China. Chaguan is the name of the establishments which served different kinds of customers in China. There were dedicated ones for storytellers, lawyers, bird-lovers etc. What kind of establishment was a chaguan? Which periodical?

Ans: Teahouse, Economist

3. Which German city is home to not one, but two central banks? Which two banks are these?

Ans: Frankfurt, Bundesbank, European Central Bank

4. The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) defends the interests of the 40% local population which descended from India. APNU (A Partnership for National Unity) seeks support from the 30% population of African origin. Which country is caught in a tussle between these two parties?

Ans: Guyana

5. Canada has been conducting an online poll in order to identify an official _____. The country is home to more than 2500 species of ____. Only Russia has a comparable number. They help prevent soil erosion and fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil. They also provide winter food for caribou. So far, California is the only jurisdiction with an official _____. What?

Ans: lichen

6. Weather and employment opportunities were considerations that helped Los Angeles triumph over Vancouver which was another contender. For whom, specifically?

Ans: Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle, who have stepped down as “senior royals” and moved from the UK.

7. The German policy of Kurzarbeit has been used during the 2008-09 financial crisis as well as the 2020 Covid-19 crisis. What exactly is this policy?

Ans: Translating to short-time work, under the policy the state covers a large share of the wages of workers whose hours are cut. By one estimate Kurzarbeit halved the potential rise in unemployment during the 2008-09 financial crisis.

8. Kim Kielsen, the prime minister of this territory, announced a prohibition on the sale of alcohol in Nuuk, the capital. The move was motivated by an attempt to reduce violence against children in their homes now that schools are closed because of covid-19. Nearly a third of people living in this territory suffered sexual abuse as a child. Which place is this?

Ans: Greenland, the autonomous Danish territory.

9. Hamilton of Switzerland, Siare of Italy, Ventec of the US, and Dyson in the UK are all companies toiling away, attempting to manufacture which much needed piece of equipment? Spanish engineers working in the same space have released open-source designs that make use of modified windscreen-wiper motors.

Ans: Ventilators

10. Criminal gangs operating out of these unregulated neighborhoods in a particular country have announced curfews in an attempt to control outbreaks of coronavirus. The right-wing government in power has made no efforts to impose a lockdown resulting in drug trafficking gangs announcing that “If the government can’t make it happen, organized crime will,” on WhatsApp. Which settlements will these lockdowns happen in?

Ans: Brazilian favelas

11. The trial of this person saw an acquittal of all 13 sexual-offense charges brought against him. He was found not guilty on 12 of the charges by the jury and was ruled “not _____” on one charge. Which personality and what’s the missing word – a unique aspect of the legal system under which the trial happened?

Ans: Alex Salmond (former first minister of Scotland), the verdict on one charge was “not proven” – a unique feature of the Scottish legal system.

12. Who was the first head of state to test positive for covid-19?

Ans: Prince Albert II of Monaco

13. The spring new-year festival of which country was disrupted by covid-19. The time of present-giving and visiting friends (didobazdid) was stopped in its tracks by the local government which sanctioned households 100 gigabytes of free data and released free e-books. Which festival, of which country was this?

Ans: Nowruz, Iran

14. “Queen Sono” is Netflix’s first original series commissioned here. It features a secret agent with a difficult past; she lost a parent at an early age. When not in the midst of a dangerous mission, Queen Sono must manage her tumultuous personal life. Which market is this Netflix series for? Which country is the setting?

Ans: Africa, South Africa

15. The Day of the Sun, celebrated on April 15 is the most important national holiday in this country. Which country? Whose birthday does it commemorate? This person’s name means “to become the Sun” in the local language.

Ans: North Korea, Kim Il-sung, the founder and Eternal President of North Korea

16. What word is used to refer to the temporary postponement of mortgage and other forms of loan payments? It is used in the context of loans extended to poor countries. The other word used in this context is forgiveness, which involves a waiver of loans.

Ans: Forbearance

17. Founded on January 1, 1652, based on academic models in Italy, it was originally named the Academia Naturae Curiosorum (Academy of the Curious as to Nature) until it was named after a Holy

Roman Emperor in 1687. It is said to be the oldest continuously existing learned society in the world. Which Academy of Sciences is this? Which country is it located in?

Ans: Leopoldina, Germany

International affairs quiz | Quiz questions | IA Quiz

18. NATO reporting names starting with F were used for what? And what were B words used for?

Ans: F for Fighter aircraft, B for Bomber aircraft.

19. NATO reporting names are code names for military equipment from Russia, China, and historically, the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and other nations of the Warsaw Pact). They provide unambiguously and easily understood English words in a uniform manner in place of the original designations, which either may have been unknown to the Western world at the time or easily confused codes.

The Soviet Union did not always assign official “popular names” to its aircraft, but unofficial nicknames were common as in any air force. Generally, Soviet pilots did not use the NATO names, preferring a different, Russian, nickname.

An exception was that Soviet airmen appreciated the _____ codename “Fulcrum”, as an indication of its pivotal role in Soviet air defense. Which plane had the NATO reporting name Fulcrum?

Ans: MiG-29

20. This anti-aircraft weapon system was developed in the 1990s by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau as an upgrade of the S-300 family. It is known by the NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler. Which system is this? The acquisition and installation of these by which country has attracted US sanctions in 2020?

Ans: S-400, Turkey

21. Stella Morris, a South African lawyer has been revealed by a British newspaper as the mother of two children aged under three whom she had with which controversial personality? This personality is currently facing legal proceedings and this information was revealed during them.

Ans: Julian Assange

22. These objects were status symbols for elites of Mediterranean civilizations during the Bronze and Iron age. Back then, these were found from North Africa to the Middle East. Prehistory’s equivalent to Fabergés, they were painted, engraved, and adorned with precious metals. Scientists at the British Museum are re-examining their own collection of these in order to better understand the prehistoric culture. They have used extremely sensitive microscopes to analyze isotopes in them to trace their geographic origins. The researchers found that the discovered in the same sites had disparate origins, suggesting ancient trade networks were more extensive than thought. What are these?

Ans: Ostrich eggs

23. Which organization recently accused Donald Trump of attempting to “expropriate outer space”? The president signed an executive order on Monday establishing policy to allow American corporations to mine other planets. This organization claimed that such an approach would hurt the potential for international cosmic co-operation.

Ans: Roscosmos, the Russian space agency

24. Which world leader, a doctor by trade, has rejoined the medical register to assist in the coronavirus crisis? He has led a caretaker government through his country’s battle with coronavirus. What is the title he is known by?

Ans: Leo Varadkar, the taoiseach (prime minister)

25. Which country’s king renounced all the inheritance he received from his father, the former king. The former king was pivotal in the country’s transition from autocracy to democracy in the 1970s but came under criticism for a lavish lifestyle and murky international connections before his abdication in 2014. The former king will also forgo an annual allowance of €194,000 ($217,000).

Ans: Spain’s King Felipe VI


26. Which free trade agreement initiated in 2012 comprises of 10 members of the ASEAN and six other nations that have trade agreements with the ASEAN?

Ans: RCEP or Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

27. What colloquial term is used for the sound of the keys turned in by former homeowners whose homes were repossessed by banks in the USA during the 2008-09 economic downturn?

Ans: Jingle mail

28. What is the name of the international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds? It aims to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds while helping to protect legitimate trade in rough diamonds.

Ans: Kimberley Process

international affairs quiz

29. Which country elected the world’s youngest Prime Minister in December 2019? Also, name the PM.

Ans: Finland, Sanna Marin

30. Which South Pacific region voted to become independent in 2019? Who did it gain independence from?

Ans: Bougainville, Papua New Guinea

31. Which country unveiled South Asia’s tallest tower, a building called Lotus Tower? Who funded this structure?

Ans: Sri Lanka, China

32. Rachel Noble became the first woman to head a major spy agency in this country in 2019. Which country? Which agency?

Ans: Australia, ASD (Australian Signals Directorate)

33. Indian actress Deepika Padukone and Chinese media personality Jin Xing were among those honored with the 2020 Crystal Awards announced by which organization?

Ans: WEF (World Economic Forum)

34. The AIM-SIRIUS program is a collaboration between which two countries? Young students from the two countries collaborate and share their experiences and find innovative solutions for modern problems.

Ans: India and Russia

35. The celestial body earlier named Ultima Thule was renamed with a word meaning “sky” in Native American languages. What name was it given? The controversy had arisen that the earlier name had been used by the Nazis.

Ans: Arrokoth

36. Which Indian woman became the first Woman CFO of the World Bank?

Ans: Anshula Kant


international affairs quiz

37. Uighur intellectual Ilham Tohti was awarded which human rights prize by the European Parliament in October 2019?

Ans: Sakharov Prize

38. Who was chosen to receive the 2019 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament, and Development? He had earlier received the UNESCO Kalinga Prize, the Faraday Prize, and the Descartes Prize among others.

Ans: David Attenborough

International affairs quiz | foreign affairs quiz | international foreign affairs quiz

39. The biennial naval exercise held in the Indian ocean by India and other countries is known by a word, which is also the name of a city in Europe. Which city?

Ans: Milan

40. Indian Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has received the Order of the Green Crescent, the highest civilian honor of which island country?

Ans: Comoros

41. Which country held the first telethon described as the world’s first focused on climate? 2.4 million Euros were collected on September 14, 2019, as part of the event. A donation of 20 kroner was required for a single tree to be planted.

Ans: Denmark

42. Who was awarded the 2019 Ambassador of Conscience Award by Amnesty International?

Ans: Greta Thunberg and “The Fridays for Future” youth movement.

43. The Most Honourable Order of the Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen is the top honor of which country? Indian PM Narendra Modi received it in June 2019.

Ans: Maldives

International affairs quiz | Quiz questions | IA Quiz

44. Bosco Ntaganda, a notorious rebel commander was convicted of 18 counts of war crimes in a bloody ethnic conflict in this country in a mineral-rich region in 2002-03 by the International Criminal Court. Which country? What nickname was he known by, the name of a sci-fi/action movie character who has appeared in multiple films?

Ans: DR Congo, Terminator

45. The 19th SCO summit was held in June 2019 in Bishkek in which country? Expand SCO. Ans: Kyrgyzstan, Shanghai Cooperation Organization

46. Ursula Von der Leyen became one of the first two women to be nominated to which top EU body? Which country does she represent?

Ans: European Commission, Germany

47. 72-year-old Choe In Guk performed what rare form of defection in July 2019? Curiously his parents had also done the same in the eighties.

Ans: Defected from South Korea to North Korea.

48. The BLA was declared a global terrorist outfit by the US in 2019. Which region do they claim to be separatists for?

Ans: Balochistan

49. What term was first used by Gurpreet Khurana in a 2007 issue of Strategic Analysis with respect to the prospects of cooperation between India and Japan? The imagery involved the confluence of two oceans as a region of freedom and prosperity.

Ans: Indo-Pacific

50. Schools in Nepal now have what language as a mandatory option after a foreign country offered to cover the salaries of teachers teaching it?

Ans: Mandarin

Credits for the international affairs quiz – JR

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