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Martial Arts Quiz Trivia Questions and answers

Answers of the Martial Arts Quiz questions are given after every 10th  question, We have 50+ great quality funda and trivia questions related to Martial arts quiz and after reading this you can decide on what Martial arts should I learn? and this martial arts quiz gives you an insight into which martial arts are good for me.

Types of Martial Arts Quiz

Question 1) Also known for involvement in basketball, business, TV hosting, acting, music recording, and politics. He originally planned to run for congress under his own party, the People’s Champ Movement (PCM) but has since joined the Nacionalista Party headed by Manny Villar. Identify him and tell me his sobriquet which he shares with a video game. (2 points)
Hint: On May 21–23, 2010, Google changed the logo on its homepage to a playable version of the game in recognition of the 30th anniversary of the game’s release.

Question 2) Originated in the Soviet Union, Samozashchita bez oruzhiya literally translates as “self-defense without weapons. Owing to the negative connotations relating to its name, the governing body of the sport (FIAS) also references the sport with its acronym spelling. Which martial art is this?

3) Having origins from Angola, it is said to be developed by slaves on sugar plantations called “engenhos”, (literally “engine). They disguised it as a dance so their owners wouldn’t know that they were training to rebel. Which martial art are we talking about?

4) Which boxer, who trained out of the Hit Pit Gym in Los Angeles was given the nickname “mo cuishle” which is Irish for “my darling, and my blood” (literally, “my pulse”)?

5) Louisville International Airport in Kentucky is named after which sporting great?

6) GOAT contenders of MMA include the likes of Jon Jones, Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre, and Demetrious Johnson. What physical distinction is common to all?

7) According to legend, it was created by Ng Mui, an abbess who taught it to her student Yim as a
means to defend herself against unwanted advances. If you were to translate literally, it’s name means “beautiful springtime,” or “forever springtime.” FITB

8) The International _ Combat Federation is a global historical full contact sport fighting revival
movement, in which combatants use historically accurate reproduction armor and blunted weapons to engage in competitive fights according to authentic historical tournament rules. FITB

9) There are five activities which have been featured in every modern Olympic Games, four being athletics, cycling, swimming, and gymnastics. Which is the fifth?

10) Connect French, Pistol, Visconti, Schermasport, Russian, Leon Paul Hungarian

Which Martial Arts is best for me Martial Arts Quiz Answers 

1) Manny Pacquiao – Pacman
3) Capoeira
4) Maggie Fitzgerald/Million Dollar Baby
5) Muhammad Ali
6) Bald/Shaved head
7) Wing-Chun
8) Medieval
9) Fencing
10) Fencing grips

What Martial Arts should I learn Martial Arts Quiz

11) Marc Mero on finding out his wife was cheating on him: “I remember thinking ‘when I find out who this guy is, I’m gonna beat the tar out of him.’ When I found out it was _, it gives forgiveness a whole new meaning. Complete the quote

12) The name given to the highest rank of this sport literally means “horizontal rope” and comes from the most visible symbol of their rank, the rope worn around the waist. The rope, which may weigh up to 20 kilograms, is not used during the matches themselves but is worn during the rank holder’s ring entrance ceremony. What’s the Good Word? (martial arts quiz)

13) Georges St-Pierre, Dave Bautista, Mr. T, Dolph Lundgren, Justin Trudeau, and the Pope are some of the notable figures who have worked in this profession. What links them all?

14) This sport was invented by Dutch performance artist Lepe Rubingh. Rubingh’s idea to create a new sport fusing the two disciplines originates from the 1992 comic Froid Équateur—written by French comic book artist Enki Bilal and has subsequently grown into a competitive sport. Simply ID

15) The book, _ Strategy describes three elements—rapid movement, flexibility, and leverage—each of which translates into a competitive principle. The first principle requires players to move rapidly to new markets and uncontested ground, thus avoiding head-to-head combat. The second principle demands that players give way to superior force when squarely attacked. Finally—and most important—the third principle calls for players to use the weight and strength of opponents against them. Complete the book title which gives it name to a management strategy

16) The fight between Japanese judoka Masahiko and Brazilian jiu-jitsu founder Hélio Gracie was held at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on October 23, 1951. The gyaku-ude-garami lock Masahiko used to defeat Gracie is now popularly known by his surname, as a tribute to Masahiko’s victory. What is the popular finishing move known as? Martial Arts Quiz 

17) Lethwei, or boxing, considered to be one of the most brutal martial arts in the world, because the fights are done bare-knuckle, with only the use of tape and gauze and Y are permitted. It is also known as “The Art of 9 Limbs”. Give me the alliterative name for this martial art originating from a neighboring country and the technique Y which is generally an illegal technique in sports (2 points)

18) Since 1992, the year Michael Buffer secured the trademark for his signature catchphrase, he’s raked in over $400 million from its use. He sold the rights to use the line in everything from video games, TV shows, movies, merch, and more. At this point, he makes far more from the trademark than he does from actually announcing events. What is his ™ catchphrase?

19) One of the earliest accounts of the move dates back to a 19th-century recounting that describes X (himself a wrestler in his youth) using a technique very similar in description. According to a legendary story, he arrived in New Salem, Illinois to work as a clerk in the summer of 1831. The person he was working for began to brag about X to his customers, claiming that he could outfight any anyone in the country. This drew the interest of Bill Clary, whose family was the namesake of Clary’s Grove, Illinois. Clary chose Jack Armstrong— leader of the “Clary’s Grove Boys” gang — to take on X, and the two engaged in a wrestling shoot fight. X won, performing this finishing move to Armstrong, and gained much respect in that town from then on. Identify the person X and tell the move he has said to have invented, a favorite of prepubescent boys and overgrown children (/s – 2 points) Martial arts quiz.

20)  The front naked choke is popularly known as_ choke, named after a device that takes its name
from French physician and Freemason Joseph-Ignace who proposed for a humane manner of “doing things”. FITB

Answers of What Martial Arts should I learn Martial Quiz

11) Brock Lesnar
12) Yokozuna
13) Bouncers
14) Chess Boxing
15) Judo
16) Masahiko Kimura
17) Burmese Boxing and Headbutting
18) Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeeeee
19) Chokeslam and Abe Lincoln
20) Guillotine

Best Martial Arts to learn Martial arts Quiz Questions

21) This martial art takes its name from the French for “old shoe” (heavy footwear, especially the boots used by French military and sailors). It is conjectured that this kicking style was developed in this way to allow the fighter to use a hand to hold onto something for balance on a rocking ship’s deck and that the kicks and slaps were used on land to avoid the legal penalties for using a closed fist, which was considered a deadly weapon under the law Identify

22) By what name is the WII controller popularly known as?

23) Said to be America’s first brown belt in Judo, he is known to have lied the White House basement with training mats, and he practiced with anyone who was willing to tussle—including his wife and sister-in-law. Once, he even brightened a boring state luncheon by throwing the Swiss minister to the floor and demonstrating a judo hold, to the delight of his guests.” Identify this badass who once delivered an 84-minute speech after getting shot in the chest

24) In 2018, Yair Rodríguez fought and defeated the Korean Zombie thereby tied with Demetrious Johnson for what UFC record which seems almost impossible to beat? What record do they both hold and what distinction do they hold in their jointly held record? (2 points)

25) Holding a master’s degree in chemical engineering and a 3rd dan black belt in Kyokushin karate and was European champion in 1980–81. He received a Fulbright scholarship to MIT and moved to Boston. His friend convinced him to leave the university and move to New York City to be with her and begin acting. Identify him
Fun fact – A team of armed robbers broke into his villa on the Costa del Sol, tied up his wife, who was home alone and terrorized her into handing over cash and jewelry. But they cut short their raid on the luxury property in the hills above Marbella after recognizing the actor in a family photograph in one of the bedrooms. Martial arts quiz and different types of martial arts.

26) Which 3 teams won the Greco Roman 130 Kg gold at 1988, 1992 & 1996 Olympics? For a bonus point, name any one of the 3 wrestlers who won it

27) How do we better know pea-knuckle or pea-knuckle war, and a “Guerre des pouces” in France? The San Francisco Chronicle called it “the miniature golf of martial sports.”

28) Hattori Hanzō (1542 — 1596) was a famous Samurai of the Sengoku era, credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and then helping him to become the ruler of united Japan. The sword of Hattori Hanzō is usually the weapon of choice for which fictional character?

29) When the martial arts came to the United States in the seventies, lower ranks (kyu) began to be given colorful belts to show progress. This proved to be commercially viable and colored-belt systems were adopted in many martial arts degree mills as a means to generate additional cash. These schools are called belt factories or, a slang associated with a restaurant chain known for their cheapness, inauthenticity, or the rapidity and ease of manufacture. FITB (marital arts quiz)

30) Boxer Art Jimmerson competed at the very first UFC competition. His opponent would be BJJ master and eventual tournament winner Royce Gracie. Art was a known boxing star headed for a big fight and he didn’t want to risk breaking his power punch hand, so they told him to tap out at the first sign of possibly being injured. Jimmerson lost his fight without throwing a single punch.
What fail-safe strategy did Art utilize which earned him much ridicule for his look?

Types of Martial Arts Quiz Answers

20) Guillotine
21) Savate
22) Nunchuk
23) Theodore Roosevelt
24) Latest finish in the UFC with 1 second left in the 5 th round – Yair won by Knockout and Demetrious won
by submission
25) Dolph Lundgren
26) Alexander Karelin
27) Thumb Wrestling
28) The Bride in Kill Bill
29) Mcdojo
30) He only wore 1 boxing glove to protect his jabbing hand.

Chinese Martial Arts Quiz 

31) In 1996, he called mixed martial arts “human X.” It was a good jab (never mind the fact that Arizona, the state he represented in Congress for over three decades, didn’t officially ban X until 1998). The term stuck. He sent letters to every governor in the country and asked them to ban UFC, the “barbaric” enterprise The bad press and persistent legal battles forced the UFC to work with state athletic commissions. It was a slow march towards legitimization, but the end result was a more modern and accepted iteration Former UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta gave credit to the politician. “Without [him] doing what he did back in the ’90s to force regulation, this sport would be dead. Identify the former senator and the term XY (2 points)

32) ___ Versus. is an American reality television show starring a popular basketball star which started airing 2009. He claims to be “the greatest athlete” and challenged numerous top athletes in their own sports. The Washington Post has pointed out similarities to the show and Todd Gallagher’s book _ _ Beat Me with a Frying Pan saying the book and the show have “precisely the same premise”. In one episode, he battles championship fighter, Oscar De La Hoya, in a five-round sparring matchup. He loses by unanimous decision despite having a 165-pound weight advantage. Identify the two American sportsmen who are blanked out (2 points) Martial arts quiz

33) After a radio station aired audio of the fighter struggling to read an advertisement, 50 Cent issued a reading challenge to him. If the boxer could read an entire page of a Harry Potter book, 50 Cent would donate $750,000 to charity. In response, he reminded 50 Cent how rich he is, and things died down a bit. Identify him

34) He started out as a plumber’s apprentice and took plumbing as trade and did what he could to make a living for some time. When he gave up plumbing to train full time, his parents disapproved of the decision, so much so he and his father came to blows. He named his boat “The 188” which refers to the amount in euros he received as Social welfare before he became famous. “Climbing up the money tree like a chimpanzee”, identify this martial artist ( martial arts quiz )

35) Edward William Barton-Wright, an English engineer who had spent the previous three years living in Japan, returned to England is the founder of this martial art. He claimed, combined the best elements of a range of fighting styles into a unified whole. Its name portmanteau of his own surname and another popular martial art. Name it

36) Arrhichion was a champion pankratiast in the ancient Olympic Games and is described as “the most famous of all pankratiasts”. He won his final fight by submission after dislocating his opponent’s toe. What was unusual about his victory?

37) Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he traveled to Iraq prior to the Gulf War and met with Saddam Hussein in an attempt to negotiate the release of American hostages. He secured the release of the hostages, in exchange for promising Hussein that he would bring America “an honest account” of Iraq. Which much-criticized sportsperson is this?

38) The origin of this phrase does not relate to coffin contraptions or even the ardent prayers of students to be spared of answering a tough question by the end of the period. The classroom meaning is an extension of the original source of the phrase: boxing. What phrase are we talking about?

39) In 2002, she boxed against Paula Jones on the Fox Network Celebrity Boxing event, winning the fight. Nicknamed the Bad Girl, her professional boxing career came about amid rumors that she was having financial difficulties and needed to fight in the ring to earn money. Her boxing career was cut short by her asthma. Her overall record was 3 wins and 3 losses. Once an Olympic hopeful and the subject of a 2017 film, whose boxing career is being talked about? Martial arts Quiz

40) Founded in 1973, the governing body of a Korean martial art had to change its name in 2017 due to a slang abbreviation that gained currency on social media. What was the body known as?

Chinese Martial Arts Quiz Answers

30) He only wore 1 boxing glove to protect his jabbing hand.
31) John McCain and Human Cockfighting
32) Shaq and Andy Roddick
33) Floyd Mayweather
34) Conor Mcgregor
35) Barjitsu
36) He was choked to death but was declared the winner.
37) Muhammad Ali
38) Saved by the bell
39) Tonya Harding
40) Taekwondo

Brazilian Martial Arts Quiz Questions

41) In response to the so-called Cat and Mouse Act legislation, which allowed hunger-striking incarcerated women to be temporarily released from prison and then re-arrested when their health had sufficiently recovered, the Women’s Social and Political Union established an all-women bodyguard team. Trained by a jiu-jitsu instructor, Edith Margaret Garrud, the WSPU team frequently clashed with the police, employing decoy and subterfuge tactics as well as hand-to-hand combat to protect themselves from arrest and assault. By what portmanteau were these self- defense techniques known as? Martial Arts Quiz

42) According to Li Lianjie, once, as a child, when the Chinese National Wushu Team went to perform for President Richard Nixon in the United States, he was asked by Nixon to be his personal bodyguard. He replied, “I don’t want to protect any individual. When I grow up, I want to defend my one billion Chinese countrymen! How do we better know Li Lianjie?

43) It is an irreversible condition that occurs when the external portion of the ear is hit and develops a blood clot. This separates the cartilage from the overlying perichondrium that supplies its nutrients, causing it to die and resulting in the formation of fibrous tissue in the overlying skin. As a result, the outer ear becomes permanently swollen and deformed, resembling a certain vegetable. It is often considered a badge of honor in martial arts, what is this condition popularly known as?

44) Many MMA fighters have transitioned to pro-wrestling with Ronda Rousey being the latest entrant. However, as of 2020, only 2 WWE “athletes” have transitioned to fighting in the UFC. Name them

Brazilian Martial Arts Quiz Answers

41) Suffrajitsu
42) Jet Li
43) Cauliflower Ear
44) Phil Brooks/ CM Punk and Brock Lesnar


Thanks for reading the Martial Arts Quiz questions and answers and we hope now you have an idea of different types of Martial arts and about different practices from different countries like Chinese Martial Arts quiz, Brazilian Martial arts quiz, tiger rock martial arts quiz, Filipino martial arts quiz, and much more types. Now it’s up to you to decide the best martial arts for you based on your body structure and your interest in the different cultures of the martial arts. And I hope now you have an idea of the best martial arts for you to choose from and all the very best for your self-defense career.

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