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Welcome to the Music and Entertainment Quiz, this amazing set of questions were researched by Abhiroop Dey and I’m sure you’ll love this set of question. No doubt, this is a brilliant set of Music and Entertainment quiz questions.


  • The image on the slide shows a type of guitar that’s handcrafted out of something, which used to house _____s before the wooden box was used to create the resonator of the guitar. These guitars, as a result, are called _____ Box Guitars.
  • The resonator box in such guitars doesn’t have standard dimensions, but depending upon the length and quantity of the items such boxes stored, have generally varying degrees of lengths, breadths and the depth of the boxes thus used.
  • What is the resonator of the guitar made of? What are such guitars called a result (FITB)?


Answer- CigarBoxes, CigarBoxGuitar

Q2.Which app launched by the makers of games like Unreal Tournament and Fortnite, that also shares its name with a teen coming of age movie that came out in the year 1990, has seen a surge in downloads from 130,000 downloads per week in February to 2,000,000 downloads per week in March due to the ongoing pandemic?


Answer- House Party


  • Ready or Not is a 2019 Dark Comedy movie that deals with the social disparity between the rich and the poor, and features Samara Weaving as the female protagonist, Grace. Avoiding all plot details, stuff happens in the movie, and the movie ends with the final shot that’s shown in the image on the slide.
  • Which 1988 movie’s final shot is this particular scene a tribute to, which also happens to be another Dark Comedy about the status quo, but in a teenage context?

Answer- Heathers


• Janet Gaynor & Fredric March (1937)
• Judy Garland & James Mason (1954)
• Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson (1976)

• Which two names connect to the above six names? What is the connection?


• Lady Gaga and Bradley cooper

• Actors who played the main roles in the multiple renditions of A Star is Born.


Which R rated movie (and the poster) that came out the next year did this 1998 coming of age comedy inspire?

Answer- American Pie (1999)

Q6. Which game that came out in the year 2007 does this xkcd comic refer to in its last panel?

Answer- Portal

Q7. Pictured below is a poster by the Italian futurist, Fortunato Depero. What did this particular artwork give rise to in Britain the year 1981?

Answer- Artwork for New Order’s debut studio album Movement.


  • On 3rd December 1926, a 36-year-old Agatha Christie went missing. Her car was found next to a lake, beside which were found a bag of clothes, and an expired license. Since she was already a popular author by then, her disappearance ignited a manhunt that included close to 15,000 volunteers, biplanes, and bloodhounds. However, she didn’t do a very good job of staying hidden and was recognized by some fans due to a lack of disguise.
  • All this, coupled with the release of a thriller in the earlier half of the 2010s, has led to many dubbing her as the Original X. What?

Answer- Original Gone Girl

Q9. BMW i4 is a futuristic electric car that doesn’t have an IC Engine, and as a result, doesn’t make any sound as a traditional IC Engine based vehicle would. So they have tied up with legendary musician X to give the vehicle a soundtrack. Who?

Answer- Hans Zimmer


  • In the cult classic horror-comedy movie Jennifer’s Body (2009) directed by Karyn Kusama, Jennifer Check (Megan Fox) gets possessed by a demon and becomes a succubus after her soul’s sacrifice to Satan.
  • In the movie, one hilariously gross scene shows Jennifer vomiting all over her friend’s body in the process of showing her demonic side. As opposed to the vomit in The Exorcist which was green in color, the vomit in this particular movie was black.
  • What extremely common ingredient did the creative director use to create the vomit scene without using CGI?

Answer- Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup


  • In the movie Blade (1998), Wesley Snipes plays the half-human/half-vampire named protagonist Blade, who has the job of hunting Vampires who are a menace to the society of New Orleans. Blade has a companion called Whistler (Kris Kristofferson) who is responsible for crafting weapons for Blade and for also helping him out in cases when he gets outnumbered.
  • In one particular scene, Whistle while introducing himself to another character, he tells her that his first name is Abraham, but people call him Whistle.• Who is this first name a reference/tribute to?

Answer- Abraham “Bram” Stoker, writer of Dracula.


• While people think this band just has influence in hip hop in the form of a sample Kanye West used in Power, they had actually also inspired an album cover for one of the greatest MCs in the game, in the year 2004. The inspiration resulted in an album cover featuring the MC in his iconic mask, with a tinge of the shade that the band is known for, in the top right corner. Which album from which band is the MC’s album inspired from?


Band: King Crimson
Album: In the court of the Crimson King


  • Pictured beside is Jessica Smith with the twitter handle @JessicaSmith___. The blanked part of her twitter handle gives away her biggest claim to fame, which came some 23 years back on British television, and later around the world with international distribution of the TV show.
  • Showing her the most famous characters in the picture, which is what she was known for in the show, which telly show did she work in as a child actor?

Answer- Teletubbies Sun baby.

The twitter handle is @JessicaSmithSun

Q14. What did the album cover for Howard Hanger Trio’s “A Child is Born”(1974) inspire in the first half of the 90s?

Answer- Nas’ debut album – Illmatic


• Dr. Francis J. Nolan is a professor of linguistics and phonetics at the University of Cambridge, and he specializes in phonetics, phonology as well as forensic linguistics. His skills were required for the big screen between 2000-2011. What did he help conceptualize and create that was crucial to driving the plot in a movie franchise?

Answer- Creator of Parseltongue – Harry Potter movies

Q16.Why is this particular location in a lower Manhattan corner relevant in Hip-hop history?

Answer- Location where the album cover for Paul’s Boutique by Beastie Boys was shot.

Q17. Identify the character, this particular titan from the Attack on Titan manga is based on, in Chapter #124.

Answer- Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad.


  • In a recent advertisement by Burger King in, the brand has targeted Bronx residents who have been frustrated by a recent uptick in tourists near a particular staircase due to a certain reason. Burger King is hence offering free BK Whoppers to the residents, in multiple print ads, the description goes:Dear Bronx, we know ______ can be annoying. So if you live in the Bronx, use code: KINGSTAIRS and get a free whopper and put on a happy face!
  • FITB. What is the reason for the popularity of the staircase?

Answer- Clowns.

Stairs featured in the movie Joker.

Q19.  “Still Be Friends” is a single from American rapper G-Eazy that features Tyga and Tory Lanez on the track. The video of the track was launched on YouTube on 3rd April 2020 and featured internet personalities like Ariana Marie, Vicki Chase, Mia Malkova, etc. Shot entirely in the “Vixen Villa”, the video of the song gives homage to a certain place in the 70s and was launched on some other platform before its Official Youtube launch. Which place does the song pay homage to? Where was the video launched?

Answer- Playboy Mansion


Q20. Who, parodying which 80s song that also found a place in a hook in a song by Flo Rida?

Answer- Jimmy Fallon (Left) and Paul Rudd (Right)

You spin me round (Like a Record) by Dead or Alive (1984)

Q21. Which person according to James Cameron was nearly cast as The Terminator by an Orion Executive, but James later selected Arnold Schwarzenegger as he thought that it wasn’t a good idea for a person like him to chase a white woman around LA with guns and knives, and perhaps he was too nice for it (how ironic)?

Answer- OJ Simpson

Q22. • In Deadpool 2 when Deadpool is locked in the Ice Box (mutant prison) and Cable (Josh Brolin) sees him, they exchange a few blows, and then a surprised and frustrated Cable asks him, “Who are you?”. What iconic quote that’s absolutely unrelated to the MCU, does Deadpool respond with?

Answer- I’m Batman!

Q23. Now for some Spider-Man:

• In the 2018 movie “Into the Spider-Verse”, the finale of the movie shows spider-mans from different dimensions returning back to their respective dimensions. In the scene, Peter Porker – The Spider-Ham bids goodbye to the rest of the team after his work is done by using a phrase implying that his work there is done, which prompts a question about the legality of the said phrase from Peter. What phrase does Peter Porker use?

Answer- “That’s all, folks!”

Music and Entertainment Quiz


  • The song “Dokdo our land” is a nationalist song based on the disputed territory of Liancourt Rocks aka Dokdo. The territory in question is present in the Sea of Japan, and is thus a disputed region between South Korea and Japan, with many South Koreans believe themselves to be the rightful owners of the region.
  • The song has come into the popular conscience of non- Koreans too in 2019 due to a global phenomenon. What exactly is the reason for the same?

Answer- The Jessica Jingle from Parasite (2019) is based upon the melody of the song.


  • John Landis is an American director who has worked on multiple movies like “Animal House” and “An American Werewolf in London”. His first project being Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983), the anthology by him as a producer-led to a reputed portfolio for him in cinematic horror and as a result, he was selected to work on another project in the same domain in the same year.
  • This project (a mini-movie), many say, had perfect horror aesthetic and as a result, also won a Grammy in the best long-form video category. What project was he a part of?

Answer- Thriller by Michael Jackson


• In one particular scene of the movie Get Out, the groundskeeper Walter is shown running towards the camera at full speed as the viewers take on the point of view of the protagonist Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) which is perhaps the creepiest and the most iconic scene of the entire movie. The director Jordan Peele explained saying, “Somebody running at you or towards you just create a visceral and physical reaction for the audience.”

• Which iconic scene did Jordan Peele cite as his inspiration for the said scene?

Answer- North By Northwest’s Biplane scene


  • The following are lyrics from Kanye’s No More Parties in LA from his seventh studio album “THE LIFE OF PABLO”.
  • The following 4 lines from Kanye’s verse show him talking about 3 different Pablos from different times. For example, line 4 particularly talks about St. Paul – commonly known as San Pablo who was a preacher and hence traveled to multiple places to spread the message of the lord.
  • Which Pablo does the first line talk about?
  • Which Pablo does the second and third lines talk about?


First line: Pablo Picasso
Second and Third line: Pablo Escobar


  • Endeavor (Pictured on the right) is a fisherman boat that is part of an “Association of Little Ships” which had a very crucial 9-day long role for a certain party 80 years back.
  • The ship was again used some 4 years back for another important “role”, which brought it’s used to prominence for the general public.• Which two crucial roles did Endeavour play?


  1. Operation Dynamo (Dunkirk Evacuation)
  2. Use of the boat for shooting Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.


  • Duckworth is the 14th and last track of the 2017 hip-hop album DAMN. by Kendrick Lamar that features vocals from Bēkon & Kid Capri. The track opens with Bēkon’s vocals, and then Kid Capri singing “We gon’ put it in reverse”.
  • The line intended to suggest listeners bring the record to full circle. While not particularly iconic, this line seems to foretell something that happened 8 months later. What?

Answer- The producer releasing a DAMN. COLLECTOR’S EDITION with an exactly reverse track order.


  • Zinda is a 2006 movie that features Sanjay Dutt as a software engineer, who on one unfateful day gets captured by unseen assailants, and is imprisoned in a cell. He is kept in total isolation for 14 years without having an iota of knowledge about his kidnappers, or the reason for his imprisonment.
  • While in captivity, he practices martial arts which he learns from watching TV, with the intention of using it against the people who captured him. He is finally released, again without an explanation, and thus, sets out for revenge.• Which movie is this plot shamelessly ripped off from?Answer- Oldboy (2003)


• The name of which pop group originated from their early humble beginnings where they had their first studio in the basement of a car repair shop, as well as the fact they were actually really solid artists? They considered themselves to be the masters of their craft and hence decided to keep their name.

Answer- Ace of Base.


  • Simon _____ is a director of animated and live-action sci-fi movies, best known for directing Mars needs Moms, and working on the sets of movies like Back to the Future II and Back to the Future III.
  • In 2002, he ultimately adapted something based on literature that came out more than 100 years ago, it being something that must have made his great grandfather proud.
  • What did Simon adapt? What is Simon’s very famous surname?

Answer- Wells.

Adapted the Time Machine by H.G. Wells.


  • The 2018 album, “Make America Crip Again” by Snoop Dogg has an album cover which is a reference to the Ice Cube album “Death Certificate” that came out 27 years ago (1991).
  • The Snoop Dogg album showed a dead white male with an identification tag that read Donald Trump. What did the identification tag of the dead male read in the album cover of Death Certificate?The album was considered to be a direct attack of Ice Cube on the country due to its racial landscape, and in essence, he wished the death of America.

Answer- Uncle Sam


  • ______ Rangan (also known as the Showman) is a part-time Bollywood producer and a full-time mobster who uses his films for money laundering and as vehicles for siphoning money around India through a wide range of production companies.
  • A part of the street gang Crows, that used to run rampant in Mumbai in the early 90s, this fictional gangster’s creation for Hitman 2’s Mumbai DLC has had a very obvious real-life inspiration. Who? Also, FITB.

Answer-Dawood Rangan

Dawood Ibrahim


  • “The ___ ____ is something that I gravitated towards since day 1. It’s like I didn’t choose it, but it chose me. It has a lot to do with the weight of the guitar, the look of the guitar, and obviously, most importantly the sound of the guitar. It’s such a quality instrument, the wood is quality, everything about it is so well done. It just fits perfectly.”
  • The person responsible for the above quote has himself been responsible for multiple hit hard- rock records in the 80s and the 90s. The instrument being talked about has been one that has had a constant presence for the artist.
  • Who, talking about what?

Answer- Saul Hudson, aka SLASH, talking about the Gibson Les Paul.


  • Office Space (1999) is a Dark Comedy about the monotonicity of everyday work life in the mid-90s, focusing on a handful of individuals fed up with their jobs. The 3 main guys decide that they have had enough of the life and their annoying boss, and decide to take revenge by creating a virus that diverts fractions of pennies into a bank account.
  • They believe that such transactions are small enough to avoid detection but will result in the accrual of a substantial amount of money over time.• Which movie is this salami-slicing scam inspired from? If you could answer that, well, that’d be great.

Answer- Superman 3 (1983)


  • The image shown on the right side is the album cover of The Smiths’ “Meat is Murder”. The image on the album is of a certain Marine Cpl. Michael Wynn, captured during the Vietnam War in 1967.
  • The Message on his helmet is “Meat is Murder”, which is a pro-vegan message that The Smiths’ frontman believes in. However, the original message on the helmet in the picture was something very pro-war/murder. It was written to make fun of the hippies who went to the anti-war protests during that era.• What was the original four-word message that is a play on the words of a very iconic hippie anti-war phrase?


  • Make War, Not Love.
  • Original phrase: Make love, not war.


• In a beautiful tale of taking back the power from the patriarchy, which band’s name was a result of the frontwoman of the band being catcalled in bars and other places during her performance as the founders of the band that it would take power away from the harassers and turn that on its head?

Answer- Blondie

Music and Entertainment Quiz


  • In conversation with Guitar Player magazine, a certain Alan Parsons had this to say: “I walked into this departmental store and said, I need three pairs of pantyhose. It doesn’t matter what size. They thought I was either a bank robber or a cross-dresser.”
  • Alan Parsons was around 18 years old when he had to buy pantyhoses on a cold and windy morning in the latter part of the 60s.
  • What iconic and bittersweet musical event happened on the day he went to buy the pantyhoses? Why did he need the pantyhoses on that rather eventful morning?


  • Beatles’ final public appearance, The Rooftop concert.
  • The pantyhose were required to cover the mics used, to prevent audio disturbance due to the blowing winds.


• Multiple heterosexual female users on Tinder, since February of 2019 have been referencing a particular song in their bios as well as listing it as their Spotify anthem on Tinder.

• This phenomenon has seen an alarming rise after X released a video for the song earlier in the month of February 2019. The title of the song, written entirely in a small case, is being referred to as an invitation for men to stop everything and submit themselves to the kweens to cure their boredom and be their plaything.

• Which song? Which artist?

Answer- break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored – Ariana Grande


  • On11June1963, Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc set himself ablaze to protest the Vietnamese government’s persecution of Buddhists. The monk decided to do this as a form of protest against the unfair treatment of other Buddhists who weren’t allowed to practice their religion by the catholic state.
  • The picture captured of him being set on fire became a strong symbol of protest against regimes throughout the world.
  • We again saw the particular image in the 90s in a certain piece of art, that very rightly supported the message of showing anger against the establishment. Where?

Answer- Rage Against the Machine debut album, 1992


  • While referring to a particular scene in a movie, X claimed, “I got to pick the clothes in this scene as I had to wear them. I had to make it look like they were actually Y’s clothes. He loves Duran Duran, they played at his birthday party. I saw the T-shirt with Rio’s album cover and I just knew I had to get it.”
  • To be fair, it did help X in dressing up like Y. The clothes acted as a great disguise and allowed him and his blond friend to move around undetected.
  • Identify, Y. Which movie is X talking about?


• Y–RobertDowneyJr. • ThorRagnarok


  • Childish Gambino, the rapper alter ego of Donald Glover, is an artist who is known for moving the creative boundaries of his music and art in plenty of creative ways.
  • He does something similar in his second studio album titled “Because the Internet” that came out in December 2013.
  • While announcing the album on his Instagram, Childish Gambino posted the album cover (on the next slide). Fans quickly noted something peculiar about the picture. The peculiarity about the image, according to the artist is a reference to the title of the album itself.
  • What was this said peculiarity that was replicated in the physical copies of the album using lenticular printing?


• The image was a GIF.

• The original physical album cover changes when moved.


• This is something that came out in 2019. What is the blanked out part?

Answer- 2019 album featuring Ghostface Killah

Music and Entertainment Quiz


  • Haggard is a German symphonic metal group that uses classical instruments and makes music on folk themes.
  • One of their albums is titled, “Eppur si muove”. Eppur si muove when translated to English literally means, “And yet it moves”.• What is the context of this line?


This was said by Galileo after he was forced to recant his claims by the church that the Earth moves around the sun, as opposed to the Sun moving around the earth, which was the common belief during that time period.


• A _________(9) character in adapted media having a fictional or real narrative is one which is based on exactly two or more than two characters.

• They are named so because, scientifically, these are physical materials having two components where one takes the majority of the load, and the other binds this load carrying component.

• The component that binds the load-carrying component shares its name with a sci-fi trilogy that began in the late 90s and is an important part of the _________. FITB. Also, what is the binding component called?


• Composite characters.
• Composites = Matrix + Fibers.


  • Lil Dicky, on March 15, 2018, released his new single titled “Freaky Friday” that features Chris Brown and has cameos from Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner. In the song, LD and Chris Brown both wish that they could be someone else for a day at the same time, and they end up switching bodies.
  • One of the first things Chris Brown does after getting into Lil Dicky’s body is to go shopping and buy a blue tracksuit, while singing, “Ayy, I’m a _____ but I can finally wear blue (cool)!”
  • FITB, or explain why he does that.


  • Blood.
  • Chris Brown is a blood, and bloods wear red. They aren’t allowed to wear Blue, which is also the color of the Crips, who are their rivals.


• The X is a 2013 horror/comedy anthology that features a series of shorts from 26 directors. Each 5-6 minute story features the _____ of at least one character on screen.

• Considering the fact that this is a horror flick, try to work out the name using the description of the movie, the name might sound similar to a Rick and Morty episode about Beth.

Answer- The ABCs of Death.


  • “It took me 30 minutes to make it and send!” claims designer Chris Bilheimer. This 30-minute work of his has created one of the most iconic album covers in the history of music. The artwork is littered with symbolism and reflects the feelings of love and rage that the protagonist of the album feels, as he claims to be the son of rage and love.
  • The _______ in the artwork represents the power and control that the American government has over its people and how it can pull the pin anytime, and cause the impending doom.• Which album?

Answer- Green Day’s American Idiot

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